Art. 1 Organization

REACT Short Film Fest is organized by “Carpa Production srl”, film production company based in Catanzaro, and “Gesto e Parola”, a cultural association based in Catanzaro, too. It will hold at the Comunale theater of Catanzaro from1 to 6 July 2019

REACT Short Film Fest accepts the following genres: narrative shorts, animation shorts, pilot for web series, drone video, phone movie and music videos with a maximum duration of 20 minutes and the obligation of English subtitles, penalty the exclusion from the competition.

The short film submission is done through the accredited platforms FilmFreeWay and FestHome

Art. 2 Selection

After the selection, the director/producer/user will be notified through the accredited web platforms and will have the right to compete to prizes and to use the official logo of the Festival for advertising and promotional purposes.

When films will come out in any form (screening rooms, web, streaming, pay tv etc) producers and distributors of films in competition undertake to put a sign with the mention of the received award and the logo of the REACT SHORT FILM FEST

The director/producer/user is required to select the correct category of his work through the web platforms to avoid the disqualification. Further categories are accessible only after the registration for a main category. The works included in more than one category can win multiple awards.

2.1 Conditions of admission to the selection

Works already submitted in and out of competition with other international events are accepted, included those broadcast on Internet.

REACT SHORT FILM FEST reserves the right to refuse registrations.

The movies that have already participated to previous REACT SHORT FILM FEST editions and that have already been excluded are not accepted.

2.2 Formats allowed

For officially invited movies to the Festival, the only formats allowed for screening are the following:

  • .mp4

2.3 Tuition fees

For every submitted short film to the REACT SHORT FILM FEST, a separate payment is necessary, the registration fee is not reimbursable.

The submission and the payment must to be done through the following platforms:



The submission deadlines of the short films are divided as it follows:

  • December 31 st 2018, “Early bird” deadline;
  • Febrary 28 th 2018, “Regular deadline”;
  • March 31 st 2018, “late deadline”;
  • April 20 th 2018, “Extended deadline.”

The different deadlines also have an increase in the price. Prices, moreover, change by the short duration. For further information, they are published on the SUBMISSION page on the official site web that explains the short films costs according the short duration and the specific deadline.

For further information about the submission and the payment, you can send an mail to

2.4 Materials to be sent for selection

To be admitted to the selection, within the expiration dates, is necessary:

  • to subscribe online on the platforms;
  • to pay the registration fee;
  • to send an information sheet about the director and about the film with useful information on synopsis, director notes and production context of the opera at the following email address:;
  • or all the works of different nationalities from the Italian one, it is required to register for the selection a version with English subtitles (including movies in original English version);

In case the director/producer/user was not in possession of a Film freeway profile, it is possible to apply sending an email to the address with subscription document, proof of the registration fee payment and the file of the short film.

It urges the sending of informative material about the submitted work only in electronic format at the address:

The receipt of the subscription implies the legal acceptance of this regulation in all its parts and the invitation on the part of all recipients, the acceptance that is considered as definitive and irrevocable.

2.5 Program

The invitation of the work must remain absolutely confidential until the announcement of the winning five works from the REACT SHORT FILM FEST within May 15th 2019, penalty the exclusion from the selection. The general program and the timetables of the screenings are the exclusive responsibility of the Artistic Direction.

2.6 Catalogue

All the necessary material for REACT SHORT FILM FEST catalogue (synopsis, artistic and technical cast, biography and complete filmography of the Director, photos of the director and actors, b/w or color scenes of the film, short remarks of Director about the film) shall be sent as soon as possible and in any case not later than May 15th 2019 via ordinary mail or via e-mail to this address: and it has to have the indication “Material for catalogue”

2.7 Promotional material for printing

The owners of the invited works must send, within May 15 th 2019, the promotional materials (press book, film and the director digital images, material video, audio clip, etc) for the distribution to the press and the potential buyers, in the quantities that will be indicated after the invitation. Shipping charges will be borne by the sender.

Art. 3 Work’s rights

Presenting his work, the director/producer/user notes to grant the rights of the same to REACT SHORT FILM FEST (including trailer/teaser/posters/sequences etc.) for promotional purposes.

For this purpose, REACT SHORT FILM FEST promotes the works in competition by loading the trailers /teasers/posters/ sequences on the website and on its social media.

t is understood that submitting the short to the festival the director/the producer / who keep the short’s rights grants their use for the diffusion on streaming, on demand, svod platforms and Reff partners and that each emolument or fee for these benefits goes to the festival as mediator and /or distributor.

The person or the company that presents the work ensures that he/it is authorized to engage the same for screening and accepts the present regulation in all its parts.

Art. 4 Forbidding

Are expressly forbidden:

  • extremist or propaganda contents of religious or politics organizations;
  • works that involve policy or which promote the policy.

Art. 5 Awards

REFF awards are represented by the works/sculpture of the artist …. and from the encounter among the winners, the world of distribution and cinema production through work contracts and collaborations.

The works must have been selected in at least one category in order to benefit from the additional prizes. The partners offer the production of a new short film project of the winners; the best of each category will be included in work in progress productions; the distribution of winning short films and that are in production in the festival. The prize money will exclusively be finalized to the production of new works of the winning directors. The production activities of the new project are based in Calabria. The funds for the new productions are provided by Calabrian public body and/or from Calabria Film Commission, according to the cases. Therefore, as it prescribes the law, the new short films will have to be shot, in order to be valid, in Calabria and the 70% of the technical and artistic cast must be composed of Calabrian people.

5.1 Main categories:

  • Best Narrative Short
  • Best Video Clip
  • Best Animation Short
  • Best Pilot for Web Series
  • Best Drone Video

5.2 Additional awards

  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Director

5.3 Special awards

  • Critic Award
  • G.O.I. Award

5.4 Awards contest section

The Reff has established a contest that provides for a separate prize.


Our contest will select the best projects film realized with a mobile phone, in order to develop the winning projects, experimenting the new forms of narration and the new cinema language created with such a common object as the cellular phone. The goal is to find, above all among the youngest people, new talents and new directors to support them and to make them grow through the masterclasses and the REFF production projects.

Art. 6 Juries and Awards

The Director of the REACT SHORT FILM FEST, regarding the selection of the proposed works and to the identification of the set of five works for each category, will be assisted by a staff of experts as well as by a group of international correspondents and consultants. They will be responsible for geographical areas and will be disclosed in May 2019. Each section will report its own decision.

Juries will operate according to its own rules; where appropriate, the Director of the Festival will be able to assist their jobs, supporting them with regard to regulations and practices. The juries will be composed of at least 5 personalities from the world of cinema and culture of different countries, except who has collaborated in the creation of the submitted works or who may have an interest in their distribution. It is excluded the possibility of conferring of ex aequo. In addition, the same work may receive only one of the main awards provided by regulation. However, in special cases and heard the opinion of the Director of the festival, the Jury may derogate from this rule.

The Juries of the festival can remove the work from the competition at any time behind justified and manifest reason.

The winners will have to agree the method of withdrawal of the prize with the organization, if they were not present at the awards ceremony. In the case of shipping, the related costs are charged to the addressee.

Art. 7 Responsibility

The director/producer/user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless REACT SHORT FILM FEST, from and against any and all claims, losses, damages and expenses (including legal fees and court costs) which may arise in the event of any dispute regarding copyright, trademarks, credits, advertising, screening.

In any event, the Court of Catanzaro will have the jurisdiction over any disputes.

8. Travel And Accomodation Expense

Travel, room and board expenses shall be paid by the director/producer/user that will be able to use a discount on the list price of the affiliated hotels and restaurants.

9. Exploitation of Work

The works are and will be used by the organization of the Festival exclusively for cultural purposes, without any intention of making a profit. The best sequences can be programmed by means of communication for the React Film Fest promotional purposes, before, during and after the Festival, also in collaboration with public institutions, media, schools, etc.

The Organization reserves the right to use the names of participants of the festival inside its own promotional activities. In order to further promotion, the submitted works will be screened during International Festival for the same purposes. The use excludes any commercial purpose. They will not be diffused to other uses without the express authorization of who owns the rights.

Who presents the work declares that it is the owner of the same and authorizes:

  • maximum diffusion of the work (that is not subjected to any law or other allowances), providing his work to the bodies who request it.
  • The vision of the videos by delegates, accredited journalists and observers, scholars invited by the organization of the Festival.
  • The deposit in the archive of the organization of the Festival, of the submitted copies, intended exclusively for study, documentation and institutional activities.

The director/producer/User declares to be in compliance with the rules which concern the cine-television rights: participants will be directly responsible for any claims or claims for damages for having presented the work at the festival.

Art. 10 Acceptance

The sending of the opera includes the compliance with this Regulation. It is the responsibility of producers, distributors or other subjects that present the film guarantee to be legitimately entitled to submit the film to React Film Fest The Director of the REACT Film Fest has the right to settle all cases not provided by this Regulation and to derogate from the regulation itself in particular and well-motivated cases.

The Director of the REACT Film Fest has the right to settle all cases not provided by this Regulation and to derogate from the regulation itself in particular and well-motivated cases.

For any dispute about the interpretation of individual articles of the Regulation is authentic the original Italian text and is under the jurisdiction of the Court of Catanzaro.

11 HistoricalArchive of Contemporary Arts

Authors and producers of films presented to React Film Fest are invited to make a gift of a copy of the work that will be deposited at the Historical Archive of Contemporary Arts of REACT Film Fest and destined solely for study and documentation purposes, excluding any commercial use in order to protect the interests of authors and producers. excluding any commercial use in order to protect the interests of authors and producers. In addition, the authors and producers of all awarded films must deposit a copy of the work at least on high definition digital media, with the official logo, the indication of the relative section and of the won prizes to React Film Fest.

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