Summer. It was hot and Squillace could give us the beauty of its colors on the beach. We were colored too, tanned as it is appropriate in all the summers that are respected. Everything proceeded according to the routine. We felt, however, mainly, that something was missing to make the summer unforgettable! More certain fun, but it was not exactly what we needed. I wanted to feel an active part of divertissement, to be the protagonist, to play an active role. A strange idea began to sprout on my head. I thought it was time to do something unique, original, authentic. The times were ripe, I wondered? How could I tell Benedetta and Raffaele? I am very exuberant, Benedetta would have immediately pulled a slap to make me feel better, but Raffaele would have said it would be difficult.

But I did it, and the result was astonishing. As people of entertainment and events, we immediately understood that what was missing was a meritocratic festival, which was not the expression of a system and a mechanic already seen, but which could offer concrete opportunities to everyone. It was played by rackets and the sound of the ball hit actually bounced in our heads, dictated the time for thoughts making us reflect and infusing lucidity. The ideas on how to make the festival, on how we wanted to grow our creature then followed each other rapidly, ringing brainstorming sequences, like when in the movies the couples complete each other’s sentences. And here we are to make a short film festival that we believe can say something interesting and emphasize the culture and art. It’s not just a festival, it’s a creed for us! And now let’s get back the umbrella that we left it planted on the beach, like the flag on the moon.

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